Marcos Frutos - Continued developing a microsite

This was a project I had to pick up and continue developing it with the chosen stack... Yeah... PHP. All the pages are rendered in pages and php components. This is the folder structure:

Scroll right ->

-- /components/
-- /header.tpl.php
-- /footer.tpl.php
-- /templates/
-- /home.tpl.php
-- /historia.tpl.php
-- /products.tpl.php
-- /chocolate-nuts-bar.tpl.php (detail page of the product)
-- And all the rest of detailed pages of each single product.

The deployment to production was FTP (Yeah, FTP in 2019... 😰)

View the project here:

Used stack:

  • PHP
  • CSS Transitions and Transforms
  • Lando
  • Gulp
  • Webpack